Which services are provided to the domestic violence survivors?

The domestic violence victims are now treated and provided every needed service all over the world. Governments are keen to provide them justice and the abusers are behind the bar in almost all the cases.

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Rape exams are free
If you were subjected to sexual abuse, rape exams are needed to file the case against the abuser. You can get free rape exams in all the government healthcare facilities and file the case on the abuser.
No charges for the prosecution
The victim is not charged anything at all for the prosecution of the abuser. In short, the government is helping the victim in filing the case and making sure that the abuser is behind the bars.
Legal aid is provided
All forms of legal aid are provided to domestic violence survivors. Domestic violence organizations will make sure that your case is moving in the right direction. They will also help you find a lawyer for the case.
Protection for the victim
The victims in all such cases are provided complete protection from the concerned authorities. If you were subjected to the physical abuse, they will provide you shelter to make sure you are not going back to that place.
Domestic violence is taken very seriously in different parts of the world and punishments are enforced on the people proven guilty in these cases. If you are silent as a result of any such abuse, you are giving more power to the abuser. Step up and get help from the lawyers and file cases against the abusers.