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Heat pistols are a good tool to get for crafters. They come in helpful for a variety of tasks, from melting sticky to shaping plastic-type. In this post, we will discuss the different types of heat firearms available and their uses of crafts.

You can find three major kinds of heatgun : the conventional heat gun, the hot air gun, and also the commercial heat gun. The standard heat gun is considered the most popular type. It offers two options, everywhere, and is used for basic purposes. The hot air gun is commonly used for precision job, like drying small components of paper or textile. It features a thin nozzle that directs a centered stream of heat. The commercial heat gun is utilized for large-duty jobs, such as stripping paint or welding steel. It is a lot more powerful than the normal heat gun and will attain temperature ranges as much as 1,500 diplomas Fahrenheit.

Given that we’ve taken care of the various kinds of heat guns, let’s discuss a selection of their programs for projects. Heat guns could be used to take away peel off stickers and decals from surfaces, soften adhesive so it can be eliminated easier, that will create designs in polymer clay. They could also be used to melt plastic material and design it into new types. For instance, you can use a heat gun to create ruffles on plastic-type wrap or make melted beads out from plastic bottles.

A heat gun can also be used to melt fasten. While you are melting fasten with a heat gun, you would like to be careful not to get the gun way too near the task or it could injury the top. You also want to take care not to support the gun in one area for too long or even the glue could commence to bubble.


Heat firearms are flexible resources that can be used for various duties in crafts. They can be especially useful for taking away stickers and adhesives, melting plastic material, and developing designs in polymer clay-based.

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