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There could be numerous reasons why you do not want to be a parent. Some people think that they have enough children already and they do not want any further and some people start considering the birth control options even before they have their first baby. Well, this article is not about the reasons why you should go for or why you should avoid birth control methods. This is more about the science behind vasectomy (vazektomia) and how can you prevent pregnancy by going through a simple operation. Vasectomy is a simple surgery that cuts the tube which is responsible for transferring of sperms into your semen. This means that when you will ejaculate, there would be no sperms in the semen, and this is how you would not make your partner pregnant. This is a widely used birth control method in many countries and the number of people who are getting operated is getting increased every year. Before you choose this method of birth control, you should clearly understand this fact that you would not be able to make your partner pregnant after this.

Risks associated with vasectomy:

The good thing about this treatment is that there are very few associated side effects and vazektomia cena is really low. However, you should know about these aftereffects as they will affect your life for coming few months after the surgery is performed.

● You might start to have a swelling in your scrotum
● The color of scrotum might change for a small period of time
● You might notice blood in the semen for few days after the surgery
● Infection might develop in the area of incision
● There would be a mild pain in the start days, this pain will go automatically
● In some rare cases, pain might prolong. In this situation, you should consult your doctor

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